It's here...that WONDERFUL time of year!

Christmas is here and that means Christ, candy canes, and cards! I have been checking out tons of sites and even making my own, but none can beat out Shutterfly! Out of all of the products I have ordered from them, it's always been a phenomenal job! I am loving their new designs and will be buying some address labels as well. We have 3 pictures I would like to use on the card, so here are some designs I am considering!

What do you think?

I have used Shutterfly in the past for all sorts of things! One of the most memorable was our wedding flipbook. We made a small paperback photo album of our favorite wedding pictures. It was a great price and we have it out for people to look at when they are visiting! It's a fun way to quickly see our special day!

Being that I love photography, I also use it to print my favorite photos off!

The invitation below is one that I am thinking about using for my friend's baby shower in January! I love it and the colors go along with the nursery. Click the image to follow the link!

It's nice to know there are great companies out there that work for you to make your life a bit simpler and happy! So, check out their cards, calendars, and invitations here!

I'm participating in Shutterfly's promotion and have been offered 50 free cards to write up this post. 50 free cards is awesome! If you want more info go here. Thanks Mixon Mania for the heads up!
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