Happy LOVE Day!

I hope you have gotten some LOVE today. Think of something that made you happy today...a funny comment, your quiet time with God, a prayer, a song, the sun, a hug, kiss, a kind word, or a smile. It could be one of these things for you, but for me this was just some of the love I was shown today. There were literally lots of things that made my heart smile.

This afternoon when I got off of work, I ran by the grocery. In case you don't know, I HATE THE GROCERY STORE! It never fails that anytime I go there I pay more than I'd like, see people I can't remember the names of, and can't find one of the items on my list. I always end up calling Mom and she can tell me the aisle I will find the HIDDEN product on. I love her lots. Anyways, at the grocery I bought Pillsbury Pizza Crust, tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. My husband's favorite meal is pizza. Lucky me, I know. I have never eaten the amount of pizza I have consumed in the past year and 5 months. **Maybe that's where my extra 5 lbs since Oct. 09 came from!**

So, I drove home to find Miss Lyla Bug playing in the yard with a piece of our tree that Dossinator had planted this summer. I used the dead branch (2 feet long) to play fetch with her. We walked inside and put the items in the fridge and said a prayer her Daddy wouldn't see the lack of his beloved tree.

Next, I decided to clean the house from top to bottom. If there's one thing my hubby loves is a clean house. Happy LOVE day, babe!

Lyla and I even enjoyed a brisk walk and run! I mainly ran because of a sketch car on the road...I am a scaredy cat! This could be because of Rescue 911 watching days in elementary school. Who knows.

Then Dossinator called and said he was headed home. He is in the middle of tax season at work...busy, busy, busy! I started my great idea: a pizza heart. I found the idea here. It turned out fantastic and the smile it brought to his face was unforgettable. He walked in and greeted Lyla, noticed the SPARKLING house, and then turned the corner...the heart-shaped pizza! SCORE!!

We prayed, had dinner, talked about our day and how this easy-going night will be our new V-day tradition! We are now sitting in our respected chairs in the living room watching The Bachelor (don't tell anyone, but Ry loves it).

Thank you God for a perfect evening with the one my soul belongs with and our precious pup. Love to you all.
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