Just Call Us The CrAfTy CoPy CaTs!

My mom has always been a crafty lady. We had hand-sewn outfits growing up (still do), homemade curtains, hand-painted gifts, crafty birthday parties, and she is now teaching me! I never had patience until now. I still only do simple crafts because I get frustrated in the difficult steps of some.

We started turning toward blogs back in the fall for some mantel decor inspiration. So, naturally we have done the same for Christmas and Valentines.

In mid-January Mom, Julie, and I got together and got crafty!

Here is what we did:

Frames with hearts, X's, and O's made of clear stones on scrapbook paper...
**click on the pics to enlarge them**

Wreaths made of cupcake liners...

Our mantel in the Van Doss household!So, there you are...our Valentine Mantel at the Van Doss house! How did you decorate for Valentines?

PS - Love the sign? My mom is on Etsy...check her out here! She can make a custom sign for you and yours!

Happy Valentines!
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