What I'm Loving Wednesday

So, I am jumping on the bandwagon!

Today I am loving the new suit I bought for the AP meeting tomorrow! I hope I look as cute as I think I do! (Sorry Danielle - I wasn't as strong as I was yesterday - cuteness always wins)
Banana Republic at Tanger pretty much rocks!

I also love my EDS classes. I know, I am a nerd, but they get me pumped for my dream job! The conversations and thoughts we share in our cohort of 6 are thought provoking and necessary to one day lead a school.

I love my husband (that was him when he was a cute baby). When I got home from class he was finished with our taxes (it pays, haha, to marry an accountant)! If you need a good one then let me know!

Blogging is another thing to add to my list of things I love...I have really - FINALLY - gotten in to it, thank God! It's such an outlet...where will it take me? I am loving seeing all of the neat ideas people have to offer and cool contests there are! What an endless amount of crafts, pictures, and thoughts!

Lyla girl is another love. Even though she totally tore one of our super duty welcome rugs - we're talking nice - yesterday, I can't help but love her. It was literally pieces of rubber in quarter-size pieces all over our yard. You would have never thought we won yard of the year last year! So, I totally made that up, but if Doss wasn't an accountant he'd make a rockin' landscaper. He had his own company in high school with shirts and all!

My mom & sis are amazing. I love that we talk daily and can say exactly what is on our mind! They are pretty awesome.

(Brian, Colt Ford, my donut - Callie)
My rockstar, news reporter, BFF sent me this pic tonight. I love her for thinking of me! She got to head backstage with Colt Ford. Last time I saw him he took his shirt off. I SOOOOO hope she doesn't have to witness that! I live through Callie's career since I thought my 2nd job would be a weather girl. I totally have the name for it!

And last, but not least, thank you God! I am loving our relationship that continues to flourish. I love sharing you with others and seeing a light in them that sparks our new level of conversation - a meaningful one!

Proverbs 3:5 (RSV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.

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