Bye Bye Goldie...Hello Pearl!

So, last week was pretty eventful...I sold my car and got a new one!

First of all...craigslist stinkin' rocks! I posted my car on Monday night and got an email that evening. Then, I had 2 more inquiries by 8:30 am on Tuesday morning. A man emailed that lived near Dossinator's workplace. Ry said he would bring it in the next day. So, Thursday Ryan called and said, "I think he wants to buy your car tonight". I started crying not because I was happy, but sad. Goldie had been with me since my junior year of high school, senior trip, through college, first day of teaching, driving to Ryan's proposal, and so much more.

"Do you think I am doing the right thing," I asked Ryan. You could tell he was thinking...WOMEN! Can't live with them, can't live without them.

So, we went that evening and sold my baby. They will give her a good time!

Now, this meant I had no car. Ryan drove me to work on Friday. I was looking for cars as I had been religiously for 1 week and a half.

Mom, Dad, and Greg came to get me early Saturday am. I know, just call us the Clampett's. SERIOUSLY. I am sure the car salesmen were thinking, REALLY LADY how many people does it take to buy a car!

We visited 4 dealerships in Gainesville and headed down to Buford. I found a couple of cars at those dealerships online. Let's just say the customer service STUNK! Then, my brother reminded us that the Mall of GA Ford dealership was nearby and since I was stuck on buying an Edge. That's where we met Pearl. What a beauty. We were meant to be together.

So, it is with great pleasure I introduce you to my new ride...

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