Top 2 Tuesday : random...

This rainy Tuesday is a sick day for me. I am working on things at home feeling sick, but wanted to blog a bit.

So, this T2T is harder because I share a lot with people to make my quirks seem not too crazy or out of the ordinary.

1. I used to be called beaver in elementary school. My teeth were are still larger, ok like horse teeth, and they stuck out a bit. I had no idea it bothered anyone else until peers teased me. This is a story I share with my 5th graders, so that they do not tease others for how the look - many times they can't help it.

Great shot of my beautiful teeth pre-braces!

Now, they fit a bit better in my mouth! Thanks Mom & Dad!

2. I split words up into even amounts. Ry says this is part of my OCD! This is really strange to some, but I have met a few people that do this. Here's how it works: I see the word "EXPERT" on a poster, paper, tv, etc...and if it's there long enough I start obsessing over the symmetry. So, to make the word work in my mind I split it into even amounts - EXP + ERT. I am not sure if this is due to my enjoyment of math or what. Now, to really mess with me (or you trying to comprehend this crazy random part of me), if a word is an odd amount of letters like "EXTREME" I will find a letter that is symmetrical like the X or M and if I must E (turned sideways). I would make if right by dividing it into ETR + 1/2 of the X and EME and 1/2 of the X.

Now, that I feel like a FREAK, share yours!!!

Head on over to The Undomestic Momma and let us all know something random about you!
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