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On Friday night after Sugarland, Miss K and Erin came over! We had a girl's night full of Toy Story 3, makeup, hair, books, and playing with Lyles! When K's mommy and daddy came to get her she didn't want to leave! Can you blame her with all of the fun we were having?

**Yes, I have books for my unborn children. This is one thing I haven't procrastinated on!**

I think she likes it!

On Saturday we headed over to the Sewing Expo. Out of about 200 or more booths, we found 3 that we loved! Here is one of their links!
Sew It Up
Check out my Mom's review of the sewing expo, here!

Yesterday Ry and I got massages. It was for his birthday present. Dana (my bros GF and licensed masseuse) did an awesome job, and we will be doing that again! The last time we got massages was on our honeymoon. Here's a pic of us before the massages in MX!
Next, I cooked my favorite meal, London Broil with baked brown rice! YUM!

London Broil marinating in the Catalina Dressing.

The family recipe for Brown Rice. I skipped the butter and use 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil. I only used one can of the beef broth and threw in a little bit more water!


Ryno cutting the meat!

Dinner is served!
Today we skipped church and listened online. I am headed to take pics of the sweetest one year old I know later this afternoon! I will post them soon!

How was your weekend? What cool things did you do, read, learn? Please share with us!
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