What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I absolutely LOVE linking up with Jamie over @ This Kind of Love every Wednesday!

{click the pic to visit Kory's site}
I am positively loving that last night over 200 people came out to our friend Kory's porch to pray for him. He is battling AML and is at MD Anderson in Texas. Today he had his stem cell transplant. Tuesday evening everyone was dressed in red with their Bring It On shirts and bracelets. Leave some love on his CaringBridge site
and add him to your prayer list if you will!

Over Spring Break little Miss H, her mama, Lulu, and Nana all got to spend time in sunny FL! She turned one on Thursday and is a precious blessing to my Big in Phi Mu and Best Friend! :) I love seeing Steph as a mama! She's FABULOUS!

I love that over Spring Break I got to read...no computer to distract! I read Emily Giffin's "Something Borrowed" and I am soooo ready for the movie! Now, I am reading Safe Haven by N. Sparks, my dependable man!

I am loving Lyla's new fence! Ryno and I had a minor disagreement about it. I really wanted wooden, he was fighting for black chain link. I am a firm believer that the man is the spiritual and all around leader in my home, so I agreed with him. I thought for sure our field of a backyard would look like a prison fence...but I was wrong! How neat! Miss Lyla is LOVING it, too! P.S. Ignore the yard...sod and trees are coming soon!

I am loving that I have 30 days of school left until SUMMER! I live for the summer! I will miss my class greatly though.

LOVING that in 8 and a half weeks we will be in Mexico loving the sun, beach, and friends!

I am loving that on Monday morning my class walked into the classroom to hear the song "Born To Be Wild" and had race cars to write goals on/color! They loved it. I am not a racing fan, but the kids loved it! :) We're racing towards the end! I especially loved one little girl's goals: **1. Wear sunscreen at the lake (she was burnt on Monday). 2. Pass the CRCT to go on to 6th grade! 3. God bless you Mrs. Doss!** Loved that one! HAHA! I got the idea here:
This Wednesday, I'm loving that my hubby is HOME! Tax season has been long enough and I have been anxiously awaiting these spring nights when he is home before 9 pm! I love that he is sitting beside me watching the Braves game! I love you Mr. Doss!
{us at a Braves game in '07 ... how freakin' cute...makes me want long hair}