I love that Sunday was Easter. The greatest example of forgiveness was Jesus dying on the cross for us and ALL OF THE WORLD'S SIN! How amazingly giving. On Easter we met at my aunt and uncle's home for an awesome Easter lunch. We then went to Ry's padres and ate another yummy meal! Needless to say, we are STILLED stuffed! Here are some pics!

The ladies. Erin, Mom, and me!
Sis, bro, and me!
Doss and me! I HEART HIM!

I am loving that we are 6.5 weeks away from our vacation with our B.F.F. couple at Happily Ever After!

I also love that Mom is having her apron class on Saturday with Just Sew Studio! I can't wait!

I also am loving that my sis is getting pinned tomorrow at her nursing ceremony! I am super proud of her!

Speaking of love, check out this beautiful video about the gift of love we can give to all!

I am also LOVING that the storms are soon to be behind us, but right now pray for all of the people in the path and those with destruction and loss.

Happy Wednesday! Go link up with Jamie and share yours!!