Mexico Day 2! Our first full day!

Our 2nd day, Saturday, was spent relaxing! We got up with a wake up call from our friendly neighbors, the Butlers, and that started the day off right. The weather was beautiful. We headed to breakfast and sat around talking for close to an hour. Then, we went and met with our travel rep, so they could give us info about the resort, area, and arrange our trip home. We didn't want to think about that yet! haha!

We all went to the pool. The chairs were fabulous to relax in, so we lounged around on them for a bit. Danielle shared a book with me, Lies Women Believe. I must confess I haven't started it yet, but it's in my pile of summer reading! At the beach I was in the middle of Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Don't worry, I will bring that back up. After we couldn't take the Mexican sun anymore we headed to the pool. We floated around and seriously had great convo like always. That's one of the most fabulous things about our friendship. We grabbed lunch and had more fun in the pool.

{this is the hat I got from Marley Lilly's before we left}

We headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. They were having an Aquatico show and we had seen the swimmers practicing the night before in the pool. We (I think I was the biggest advocate) we went to see it. We weren't ecstatic about the food or view of the show. So we walked around the resort after supper and made plans to meet up tomorrow.

{Ryan before dinner}

{moi before dinner}

{on our walk}

{Danielle & Jon - so glamorous}

{Danielle got this great shot! Hilarious boys}

{lil bird on a cactus that evening}

What a relaxing day 2!