Nuestras Vacaciones A México: Día 1

After much anticipation and countdowns to this vacation, we finally woke up around 4 am and got a quick shower. This was after 2 1/2 hours of sleep due to the excitement about our 2nd trip to Mexico together! The last time we'd been was our honeymoon. We were also beside ourselves because of our awesome trip we had with the Butler's in November and knew how much fun we all have together!

We met at Danielle's padres because they are on the way to the airport. Danielle's bro, Michael, drove us down on his way to work. I hardly remember the ride because for half the trip the sun wasn't up, so my eyes were shut! We arrived at the airport and found the American Airlines kiosk, and of course it was the only one with a line. It was fine because we had plenty of time! A nice gentleman told us we had to go to the other end of the airport to print our boarding passes. He must have been asleep too, because that was a LIE! We, Danielle and I, walked about 20 ft and printed the passes while the boys stood in line. After our baggage check, we (all but Danielle) got a healthy...NOT...breakfast and sipped on coffee while waiting for our flight.

{Danielle and Big Jon}

{Ryan and I about to board.}

I almost got left since I had to use the restroom before flying. Thank goodness it was right around the corner. Little did I know the flight attendant was calling my name over the intercom. Danielle, being the best friend she is, came and yelled for me. I made it, and all of the flight attendants said, "Oh, you found her" to Ryan, Danielle, and Jon about me as we were boarding!

We had a layover in Miami. We enjoyed people watching and finally being awake!
{picture found here}

We finally made it Mexico: our home for the next 6 days! We made it safely through Customs in Cancun. For those who haven't traveled here before, Customs is interesting! We waited in a long line with 4 attendants checking passports. Then 3 more opened up and several people, us included, literally ran to that line. After your passports are checked you go to pick up your luggage. Then, after your luggage has gone on the conveyor belt you press a button. If the button triggers a green light all is good, but if you get the red light...unzip that bag! It's not like we had anything to hide, but it's nerve racking. I pressed the; Danielle pressed the; Jon pressed the; Ryan pressed the The lady picked up his clothes...underwear and all in front of everyone and told him he was good!
Once we were out of the airport and dodged the "mean" attendants who like to steal your luggage, we found our travel agency! They were in the same location that we found them 1 year and 8 months ago! Not much had changed! Alfredo greeted us and made us laugh with his "yokes"! We hopped on a bus with a family Danielle made "gum" friends with on the plane and ZOOMED to the hotel. We zoomed past roadside stands, machine guns, and huts for houses.
{Big Jon outside of the aeropuerto}

Amberlicious smiling through her sinus pain! She took the flight like a trooper after googling let her know that most doctors tell patients with sinus infections to avoid flying.

{Dossinator loving Mexico}

Once at the resort, Now Sapphire, we were brought by a stretch golf cart to our rooms. We found that we were across the grounds from each other. I spoke up and asked if it was possible to get our rooms closer together. The chauffeur brought us back up to the front desk and let us switch rooms.

Our room:

{our view}

{on the patio}

We headed to lunch at the buffet and made our way to the pool. Back to people watching, a boy on his senior trip caught our eye. Bless his heart - the Mexican drinks got a hold of him. Jon and Ryno can do a great impression of him. We especially laughed when he came back to the pool and said, "Hey YOU'S guys" with the perfect drawl. We coined that family as the "Bubba-Kegs". They apparently thought they were the only ones who'd been to an all-inclusive resort, after they told Jon that this was their 4th all-inclusive...hence the Bubba Kegs!

That evening we made it to a great dinner at the surf and turf restaurant called the Bluewater Grill. I had awesome grouper and Ryan had a steak. We were off to a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

{walking to listen to the live music in the lobby}

{they had some seriously great music}

I believe we took a picture of this corridor every day. The picture doesn't do it justice.

On our way back to our room. I am bummed I don't have Danielle's picture of her and Jon in front of their "Honeymoon" door! I will let her put that up!

We had a fabulous first day and were exhausted from the plane rides! Can't wait to share our second day tomorrow!