Super Saturday

Today was a great Saturday! I woke up at 8 am and relaxed while eating my Honey Bunches of Oats with raisins (BOGO at Publix) and drinking my Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee (5 calories...promise). Then, I got ready to head over to Laura's wedding shower at Danielle's parents home! My mom made one of her beautiful signs, and I made her a DVD of all of the engagement shots I took for them. You can watch the video below.

At the shower we got to wear our fancy hats. My floppy hat I ordered on Thursday isn't here yet, but will be Monday, so I wore another one! My sister had a social for Phi Mu and decorated my black beach hat to look like it belonged at the Derby. I was a bit mad at her for turning the hat so over the top, but NOW I am thankful she did. It was a hit and I felt so posh!

The Bride and ME!
Danielle and Laura
Danielle and the bridesmaids threw a gorgeous shower complete with a cake made from Paula Deen's relative! I will link to Danielle's blog for more pictures when she posts them! Laura got lots of presents that will be so useful when starting her married life. I am so happy for them.

Next, I got home and picked up Lyla girl. Ryno had gone 92* heat...CRAZY! So, we were two girls all alone. What were we to do? SEW! We drove, well I did and Lyla rode, over to Mom's. I bought some fabric when we went to Whipstitch that I wanted to use for some outfits for MX. I knew what I want, but we couldn't find a pattern exactly like it. Mom, being awesome, designed the shirt and taught me how to make it. I love it!

I love the bright colors...much better to me than the drab stuff in stores lately...IT IS SUMMER PEOPLE!My mother's hands can do so much. I love her!

The material for the ties at the neck. This is my best work yet. I asked Ryan to take a pic for me, and as I was getting in spot . . . FLASH!! HAHA!

I love the dramatic tie.

Thanks Mom for helping me put my idea into reality! You are an amazing lady that I am blessed to have in my life!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Saturday!

TOMORROW is opening day at the new Athens Church location! JOIN US if you are close. Andy Stanley will be there to visit.

Mrs. VanDoss