What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Oh Wednesday! I love you! There are so many reasons to love Wednesday, but one great reason is all of the cool blog link-ups. Jamie over at This Kind Of Love rocks it out every time with her link-up. Click on the pic above to go share your Wednesday love!

I am LOVING that my Dad had his 50th birthday last week. He had a great day, great meal, and great laughs.

{sis at R.L.}

{Greg and Ryno showing their best smile}

{Ryan and me enjoying the great company of my fam}

{Dad was super excited about his birthday!}

{Is my mom not absolutely gorgeous? Wow, I love this picture of her!}

We went back to the house after dinner and enjoyed a glorious brownie dessert that Mom made. Daddy opened presents! We all are blessed with a father like him! I love him!

Thursday and Friday, Mom held her sewing classes. They were super successful! I am so proud of her. I also love that she took the time on Friday afternoon to help me sew this little number below!
I wore it out on a girl's night with Carrie Mae until it rained, and the girl's night turned into date night! Bonefish is a fantastic restaurant that Carrie and I love. The boys aren't too impressed. We had fun with them, though! Afterwards we went by CVS and got some candy to munch on during the movie.

At home Lyla showed us her mad skills by jumping clear off of the ground for her Binky!
{Carrie and Kyle}

On Saturday, Erin and I shot a fabulous wedding! My friend Laura and Brian got hitched! They looked sharp I must say! I am loving the pictures that I am editing for them. Here's a sneak peek!

On Sunday, Erin did a shoot with my lovely cousin Hannah! I can't believe my little baby cousin is almost out of high school! I love her and the shots my talented sis got!

Last but not least, I LOVE THAT THIS WEEKEND IS THE 4th! We have some big plans with family and friends! Be safe and remember what the USA is all about!