Lyla's Saturday Night!

On Saturday we were planning on going for a walk, and then I remembered . . . Lyla needs dog food! She is used to Nutro since she's been in her mommy's tummy, but the past month we haven't been to a store that carries it. Her coat is the prettiest and I don't believe that just because she is ours. I believe it because no matter where we go, she always get compliments! "Look how shiny she is!" "What a gorgeous coat!" "How do you keep her fur so pretty?" It's constant . . . her head is about to explode with compliments. We believe the reason for this is her food! Hey, you are what you eat! That applies to dogs as well!
We all hopped in the car and made the drive to PetSmart! We never thought we'd be the people who bring their dog into the store, but we are. It's one of the friendliest, most social stores that I know. Lyla enjoyed checking everything out!

Her sniffer was going crazy with all of the animal smells, but her tail never stopped. I was afraid she was going to clear a whole shelf off with that uncontrollable thing!
She really liked the birds. The birds liking Lyla . . . not so much! This little bird was her favorite. I kept waiting for it to talk to her.

So, we got her bag of food after letting her check out the cats and fish as well.

We are so thankful for the little things we enjoy with her.

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