Sew! Saturday!

This weekend Mom held another class at Just Sew! Studios and taught some ladies how to make a stylish dress!
You may remember this dress from a past post HERE. Mom and I put our brains together and designed a quick way to put a tank with some fabric together to make a skirt.

Several compliments were given, and Mom thought it would be a great class to have. She was right. I think it's the best dress we've made yet!

On Saturday AM, the class started! Chelsea and Kathryn were there to make dresses as well. Mom began instructing us and letting us work at our own pace. Chels even got to bring her Project Runway machine! I seriously want one! It has tons of stitches and just looks cool!

Here are some pics of us sewing!

{Kathryn, Chelsea, and me with our finished tank dresses.}

Needless to say, we're all very proud of ourselves! We all went out and bought belts to be even more fashionable!

The project basically took a tank without a ruffle and stitched our own ruffle on! Then we added the skirt created from fabric. I will be wearing mine again tomorrow to work. I already wore it to church on Sunday. It's going to get lots of wear before the cool weather heads our way!