Anniversary Trip .part 1.

Our anniversary trip was great! It started out once we got the car packed up. I have to learn to minimize my luggage. Ryan carries his small suitcase and pops it in the car. I, however, carry out 3 bags along with 6 items on hangers. Seriously, it's a relaxing mountain trip. I am always overly prepared when it comes to packing for vacation . . . lists people!

On the hwy we passed Michelle Bachmann's tour bus! I asked Ryan to honk while I gave a thumbs up! The driver cut his eyes at us to make sure we weren't throwing up a different finger . . . when he saw we were giving a thumbs up we heard a lovely horn melody! I loved it!

After riding in the car until 11 pm we pull up to the cabin. Sorry, there's no picture because it was DARK! Ryan opened the door and something flies by his head! A bird that was making a home in the cabin was perched on one of the rafters. See him/her hanging out up there?
Our solution . . . throwing towels, wash cloths, and oven mitts. After 30 minutes, both doors open, and getting several towels stuck in weird places . . . the scared bird made her escape!

But not before leaving this reminder . . . right on Psalm 93!

After all of that excitement . . . we relaxed in our quaint cabin!

Relaxing for Ryno = FOOTBALL!

We are so thankful for little trips like these!
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