Garbage Pail Kids

{Sara and Julie back in 2008}

{Sara and I in 2008}

On Friday, I enjoyed a great dinner and movie with some of my gals! Julie and Sara made my night. We all laughed until we couldn't breathe. The cause you ask . . . Garbage Pail Kids. I apparently am too young to remember these, or my mother guarded me from this trash (no pun intended).

"Dana, they are like trashy Cabbage Patch Kids", Sara told me! Then, she pulled them up on her cell phone.

We couldn't breathe when Sara says . . . "Potty Scotty". I am sure the tables having dinner were wondering what these three grown women were thinking!
How gross are those things! I couldn't believe someone would do this to the precious Cabbage Patch Kids. I say it's jealousy!

Memories with the girls are some of my favorites! I hope you have some terrific girls in your life!