Is she not the cutest?

I have a student in my class that is in the hospital right now just to get her immune system back to good health! She is a sweetheart and rockin' out like a champ. Erin and I rode down to visit her in Atlanta! Erin had visited the hospital during her clinical rotations, but I had never been. For a hospital, it is the neatest!! I hate to even think that, but if you have to go at least it looks bright and cheery, the nurses are welcoming, and they even have cool things that go on during the day. When we got there Costume Bingo was starting! HOW COOL!! They don't give away candy either. It's more like gaming systems, games, dvds, etc! Sweet!!
My little ladybug all ready for a game of Bingo!!She really enjoyed all of the letters our 5th grade made her!
Starbucks in the hospital!
Beautiful art lines the hallways!

Here's to a fast return sweet girl! :) We all love you!
Dana DComment