Our Saturday

I woke up around 7:30 and got ready for a fun, full Saturday! Mom came by and picked me up and we headed down to Hobby Lobby and Queen of Hearts Antiques in Buford. We love about 3 aisles in the Queen of Hearts. It's really grown and we are inspired every time we go in. We make a game out of figuring out what parts they used to make certain items. I feel like our entire conversation sounds like this, "Mom, look all they did here was ______" and then Mom saying the same to me. I bought a table for $15 and some frames really cheap to build up stock for our first craft show in November. We have a lot to do, but I think it's going to come together beautifully!
When we finished with our craft shopping, we headed over to Kohl's for some new running shoes for me. More on that in a later post. After Kohl's, we went to get lunch. Menchie's is our favorite frozen yogurt place. I know it's not the healthiest lunch, but it satisfied a craving. That made it worth it! I did get it free because I have been earning points since July on my Menchie's Smileage card!

After our yummy lunch we headed home to craft. Mom dropped me off and I talked Ryan into helping me. I did take some pictures of him helping me with a rug, but he said if I posted them there would be payback. I do not want any trouble, so I will keep the picture to myself! I think it has something to do with the camo UGA hat he wore ALLLLL weekend! I felt like my accent needed to get real country . . . so it did for a little bit and I even made a dirt-track reference! Imagine your most country voice asking, "hey babe, is that where the dirt track is". We crack ourselves up!

Danielle texted on Saturday afternoon to see if we could head over for dinner at Olive Garden. I rarely pass up the opportunity for some italian. We got cleaned up from crafting, the Dossinator took off his hat, and we headed towards their home.

Once we got to Danielle and Big Jon's, Ryan got a tour of their house since he hadn't seen it before! He loved it. One of the coolest features about their home is the huge picture window in their living room. We also have been brainstorming things to do in our library and one involved the ceiling. When he saw their paneled (I don't know the right term for it) he said that's what we are doing. Daddy and Greg may have to make an appearance and help Ryno out, because it could be a disaster if I climbed a ladder and had a hammer!

Olive Garden was delicious as always. I really like the layout of the one near their house. We got to sit down right away and order. We shared our laughs as always and started brainstorming our next vacation! I love the times when you can't breathe because you are laughing so hard. Danielle left her purse, she normally doesn't carry one, so I grabbed it on the way out. It took her about 3 minutes to realize it was missing. The only reason I noticed the purse was because of a nice lady that pointed it out as I was admiring her baby. I love good citizens!
{This shows what our relationship is like on a daily basis...always laughing!}

{We don't look like seeesters as much anymore . . . boo!}

{The Happy Anniversary Couple - Nick and Jessica}
We went back and sat around the breakfast table, eating anniversary cake, and googling deals for our next vacation. Danielle and Jon were very nice to let us spend a night out on their first anniversary eve. I am so happy for them and grateful they are some of our closest friends. I love living life with them! Congrats on the first year and here's to 100 more to go!!