Top 10 Reasons I Blog

Recently Danielle and I had a convo about why we blog. She did a little post on it, so I thought I would write down why I blog!
I blog . . .
10* To reflect on my thoughts - Every day I probably have 10 things I could write about and it really helps to see them in writing. They can be dumb, funny, or special . . . but this blog is a great way to reflect on my days.

9* To give my point of view - I am too shy (I know, yeah right some of you are thinking) at times to truly voice what I think or I can't communicate it in a nice positive way. The blog is a terrific place to stand up for what I believe!

8* To share Christ with others - Gosh, I can't get to the whole world, but I hope to be a light for Jesus! Yes, even through a blog!

7*To bounce ideas off of an incredible community - I feel like I really know some of the bloggers out there even though we've never met in "real life". I want to think that if I was traveling through Vegas I could totally have a place to stay with this little lady -
Brittney is a wonderful blogger and I have enjoyed getting to know her!

6*To record great vacations, like our 2 year anniversary most recently. I tried to Scrapbook. Trust me, I don't claim to be a great Scrapbooker. My handwriting looks atrocious to me, so I would finish and critique. I like typing a lot more!

5*To keep family and friends up to date - Sara and Danielle would totally punish me if I didn't update! I am thankful for that!!

4*To remember recipes Ryno loves (or doesn't) He loved the Dosschiladas we made back in April and I have referred back to our recipe a few times!

3*To one day print in a cute blog book - it's about time to do this! Head over HERE to make one yourself!

2*For my future - I don't know if you are like me, but I saved a few things every year I was in school. I love going back and checking out letters from friends, pictures, my handwriting. This blog keeps that going for me! Can you imagine what our kids will think? This will be old school by the time we ever have any!! :)

1* For memories - You never know when it will be your last day or someone else will be gone. Not to get all sappy, but I have learned that life is too short. When someone you love leaves, you slowly begin to forget voices, quirks, face, and so many important things. I have a friend that lost her fiance, but he had a journal and it's one of the neatest things I have ever read. NOW, I hope and pray that we all live a long and happy life, but if something does happen . . . the blog is here to help relive FUN TIMES!

Why do you blog OR choose not to? I'd really LOVE to know!
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