Happy Graduation To ME!

YAY! I think I am finally done with college . . . unless I go back for my Doctorate. I definitely talked to my mom about possibly doing it. What's a couple more years?

Anyhow, we got up this morning after sleeping in a bit from our late night the evening before! I got ready which consisted of sewing a button on my cardi, steaming my grad gown, and finding a pair of tights that didn't have a run. We hopped in the car and headed to pick up Mom, Dad, and Greg. Erin had a mean stomach bug, so she didn't get to come. Thankfully she feels better today!

The drive to Dahlonega is gorgeous. When you see the mountains peek over the foothills, it makes the drive worth-while. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A for our quick lunch. We always have great laugh while others look at us wondering what could possibly be funny! Funny = my family!

I got dropped off 45 minutes prior to graduation and found my group and spot in line! It was so nice there were others from the other cohort. My group wasn't too keen on walking, but I WANTED to. I missed them not being there!

Then we started walking toward the gym for graduation and BUTTERFLIES STRUCK! What if . . . what if . . . what if? The biggest what if was falling while walking across the stage! Thankfully, I didn't!

I had lots of family around me on this special day! Thanks Caroline for telling me to walk! :)

{Kayla, my gorgeous sissy-in-law, I love her!}

{With my M-I-L Shelia! I am so happy they made the drive! It made it even more special!}

{Caroline . . . I hope you got a better picture of us - this one is a tad blurry! CONGRATS to you and the beginning of your journey! **Caroline just got engaged last week! What an eventful couple of weeks!**}

{The Dossinator!}

{My beautiful grandparents! They are priceless to me! Thank you for coming and believing in me!}

My BIGGEST fans:
Ryan, Thank you for believing in me and pushing me! I am grateful for your unending love and support! You're next! Now, maybe our house will stay a little bit cleaner and cuter! LOVE YOU!

Mama and Daddy! Thank you for always telling me I can even when I feel like I can't! You instilled internal motivation in me. I am grateful for you and your light that you shine into my life! I don't know what I would do without both of you! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

{Do we look alike or what?}

{I wanted nothing more but a picture with my hilarious Dad! I think we got a good one! He wanted to steal my hat with the cool tassel!! Love you Daddy!}

I loved every bit of the day and am very thankful I walked! I love my cool hood and tassel! Check it!

{Mad props to Ryno for shooting this pic! We like the steeple blurred in the background! Thank you baby!}

To top it off, Mom and I finished up a bit of our Christmas shopping! Now, to make some more gifts! Enjoy your Sunday. I am ready for church in the morning!!

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