What I'm Loving Wednesday

There is certainly so much to be thankful for! Here's what comes to my mind this week:

*I am loving my job! My students are like little adults and a microcosm (don't you love that world - I learned it in college) of what we are like in the "real" world. They say the darnedest things. Recently they have started calling my Mrs. Dossy or Mrs. Doss-a-pus ***I correct them because frankly that sounds gross, but I can't help but laugh inside***.

*I am loving GIVING! Ryan recently made me a deal in order for him to clear our closet before his side of the closet was stolen by my side! It consisted of boxing up things I don't use or wear anymore. I have a tinch of hoarding in me. Yes, I said it! I admitted it! I never knew this until I got married! I like to shop and never throw much out of my closet! **Don't get me wrong - I am not one of the crazy ladies stepping over piles of stuff and boxes to the ceiling. I just have a lot hanging in the closets.** I packed up a box last week and gave it away. To see sweet faces light up, when I give it away, makes my heart so very happy!

*I am loving that we have 7 school days until our Christmas break! That makes me feel so excited, but also sad! I pray that all of my school kiddos are going home to a great Christmas!

*Saturday is my graduation for my Specialist in Educational Leadership! For those of you not in the field of education - that's the third college degree you get! Bachelors, Masters, and Specialists! I wonder when I will get bored and get my Doctorate! I will walk across the stage and hopefully not trip!
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