What I'm Loving Wednesday!


Wow, is it Friday yet? I do love that today is one of my favorite blog days.

I am going to throw my pins in with what I am loving today and this MONTH! December is even better as I get older. Thank God for the greatest gift of all. Andy Stanley is going through the genealogy of Jesus at church. I love his series that we get at church. This one is called "An Unexpected Christmas" and focuses on Matthew throwing in some unusual people in Jesus' family tree. If you want to check it out, go here! You won't be disappointed!

I love that we had our first round of Christmas parties on Friday and Tuesday! We enjoy relaxing, hearing stories, and telling stories. I love that we have so many friends and family members in our lives to share life with! This week one or both of us has a party on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday! I can't wait! This does mean that I have to make it to the store to get some gifts for the Favorite Things and White Elephant games along with some yummy treats! Our Tacky Sweater party is coming up too, so get ready for the pics!

I am loving the pins I found to remind us all of why we celebrate Christmas!

Source: instagr.am via Van on Pinterest

And this one may or may not have brought on a fever...baby fever! Listen to that sweet voice. Skip to the 1 minute and 30 second mark and crank it up. Get some tissues! He is the reason!

I am also loving that I am doing my first giveaway! Check it out HERE! It will start tonight and go until Monday at 12 am EST!

And as always, I am loving my Dossinator!

Enjoy this Wonderful Wednesday! I am off to cook and hit the gym! OH JOY!