2012 - What Should I Accomplish?

Last year was a year of goodness for Ryan and I. Our relationship with the Lord has been renewed and we are so grateful for another year of good health for us and our family. We are certainly blessed.

I have been able to cross a couple of things off of my 30 Before 30 which have made me very excited! 3 more years until I hit the big 3 - 0! That will be a celebration!

Here's what I can cross off NOW:

#9 - Running a 5k can be double crossed off! I did two and plan to do some this year as well!

#14 - Participating in more missions activities. While I have not gone out of the country, I have been able to give towards helping others in countries and in the US that need help. It feels nice to give to others that are not as fortunate. My prayer is that God is glorified through our giving, and we will be able to do even more in 2012!

#1 - Learn to sew was completed! Now, it's "find the time to sew". It's all thanks to my Mom. She has the patience not only to teach me, but to teach other ladies that want to learn! I'd say she's pretty AMAZING!

#16 - My EdS is COMPLETE! I am beside myself with all of this free time . . . yeah right! I have found things to fill that gap!
#24 - We made it back to MX! It was a trip that I never want to forget. . . except for that plane ride back!
#25 - Blogging has continued. If anything it has picked up more!

#26 - Deepen our spiritual relationship with God - This will always be on my list, but I am so happy that He has been our glue this year and helped our love grow even more.

#27 - Healthy eating is always something that I strive to accomplish, but this year I learned a lot more about what the proper nutrition does for your body.

#30 - Family time is super important to us. It's been so nice spending time with family and having them so close.

2011 was a wonderful year for us. We owe it all to our Heavenly Father!

There are some goals on the list that I am super close to and can't wait to see those get x'd off!

Here's to 2012!

What will YOU accomplish?
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