Happy Wednesday!

I am linking up with Jamie to celebrate this wonderful week!

What a great day! I was so excited to see my kiddos return to school! I believe they all grew a foot and look like they are ready for middle school. They had so many fun stories to share about break!

I am loving a couple of things this Wednesday!

I love my new monogrammed phone cover that my sis and bro gave me for Christmas! Isn't it darling? They got it HERE at Lipstick Shades. It's a real Otterbox case that they add your monogram to.

I absolutely positively have been enjoying our dinners (and lunches) using this little gem! The George Foreman is a serious grill. I especially love seeing all the fat drop off and Ryno gets to stay inside and not FREEZE in the wind! We've been having some tasty grilled chicken and veggies this week!

I really am loving Revenge! Have you seen it? I'm watching it right now and have to stop typing to remind myself to breathe. It's full of suspense.

Of course, I'm loving my sweet Man!

Happy Wednesday!

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