It's Wednesday! My favorite day of the week...besides the others!

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Here are some things that I am loving this week as I link up with Michelle and Jamie! Aren't they fabulous for hosting?

I am loving that one week of tax season down, is one more closer to the end! No, I am not an accountant, but I happen to know a great one...Ryno!! Y'all, accountants work HARD, and their brain NEVER STOPS!

I am absolutely excited about this weekend because I have ZERO crazy commitments except for church and maybe a dinner date! :)

Thankful doesn't even describe my feelings of the great friendships I have in my life! They keep me focused!

Go check out my amazing mother's awesome blossom BLOG! You may learn a thing or two or three! I have!

I am pumped about Malorie and Peter having a sweet baby BOY!

These pins are also making my heart happy! When is spring going to be here? 

Source: via Van on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday! 
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