Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . . LINKUP!

These are a few of my favorite things!

My bff, Danielle, is hosting a fabulous linkup! I love the idea, and I will be sharing my favorite things in her linkup!   

When I think about my favorite things, this is what comes to my mind!

I really feel great in my Nike Phantom shorts. Mine are hotpink with a pink band and white words! Talk about POP! They have an awesome liner along with the coolest band! I love seeing the Just Do It . . . the motivation that little phrase brings is unbelievable!

Peanut Butter...what a fatty I am! It seriously makes me so happy! Bad isn't it? I have a spoonful in my smoothie every morning. Am I alone in this love affair with Jif?

Lotion...not just any lotion but Bath & Body Works True Blue Shea Butter. It's amazing. I wash my hands a ton . . . life of a teacher. When it gets down to it, I don't want to be a lizard handed gal. I use the lotion a lot, but it lasts even after a good number of washes. I have to put it on in the am and before I go to bed, or I freak out and can't fall asleep or start my day on the best note . . . is that O.C.D?

My iPhone is one of my favorite things! I love that everything is at my fingertips, cool apps are downloaded in seconds, and Siri helps keep up with my appointments. Thank God for technology!

Thirty-One bags are definitely some of my favorite. I have a bit more than I need of these cute bags! Every one that I have gotten has been quality! I really love that they can go everywhere and look super fresh. My sister started selling them after we had been to a couple parties and gotten hooked. They are worth the investment!

Every morning I start my day off with this tiny book of goodness! A year and a half ago at the cottage we found  it laying in a drawer. After that I was in love with it. Sarah Young does a great job of making God's love come off of the page and speak to every person in any situation. It's beautiful! This is my second year reading it, but I love how they are still fresh and can work in your current life.

Be sure you stop by over at Butler, Party of 2 and share a few of your favorite things! Thanks for hosting, girl!

It's almost Friday! Happy Weekend Eve!


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