We celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend. We stayed at Chateau Elan and had a relaxing evening and a great big breakfast. 

We met friends for dinner at Versailles in Chateau and had tons of laughs. I often wonder after the dinner if people are highly annoyed with us! We laugh the entire time! It's hard not to with our comedians that we married! 

I was glad that Ryan enjoyed himself! He has been working so HARD this tax season. I know he gets discouraged, but I am so proud of him! 

 On the actual day of Valentine's I surprised Ryan with a homemade HEART pizza (his favorite food), a sweet card, and a sweet book! He certainly surprised me with some gorgeous roses and a nice toast! It was a nice, peaceful evening! 

I am so grateful for love in my life. I am also happy that is not ONLY shown on Valentine's. I thank God for Ryan daily and am blessed to call him my husband.