The Vow. Who saw it? Who read it?

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Who saw it? I may have TWICE! The first time I couldn't breathe. It is a gorgeous love story! The last 30 seconds of the movie get me. When I say get me, I mean make me have the ugly cry. I walked out of the theater the first time holding back sobs! Mom and I made it to Target and bought the book, so we would know what Hollywood changed.

We couldn't read the book before the movie was out. Unfortunately, on Amazon it was $45 due to a small print amount back in the 90's. Now, it's out and cheap at Target! :)

I started reading it on Friday and COULD NOT believe the change they had made. The real Kim and Krickett love story is based around God! Every bit of it! I had read about half of the book when I watched the movie a 2nd time. It was so different that it didn't make me angry. Basically the only thing that is the same is the fact that she loses her memory and they end up together (hope I didn't give it away)! :) I have about 50 pages left and am amazed by how Godly they are. It's amazing what Hollywood takes out for ratings! SAD!! Get the book and READ it. It's a quick, meaningful read.

One thing that I really liked in the movie were the actual vows during their wedding:

And this just makes me laugh! 

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