I would like to introduce you to...

I would love for you to meet 2 wonderful blog writers!

The first is my wonderfully talented mother. She's blogged before, but finally found a name that catered to all of her gifts! It is called Sew. Cook. Create., and I enjoy everything she posts. I know she is my mom so I am biased, but she is truly amazing! If you have read my blog for awhile you know that she owns a small business that teaches sewing lessons. Check out her facebook page here! Her blog is full of great recipes, crafty things she has done around the house, and cool hand-stitched creations!

The next blog you have to go check out is my friend Samantha from She & Him. She has read several blogs for awhile now, but now has been inspired to begin her own. I have the privilege of working with Samantha! She is a fabulous first grade teacher! She is one that actually does what she pins. So many of her cute lessons are pins that she has made her own. Now, she and her hubby have placed a house under contract and they are ready to make it their own. Please go leave her some love and follow their journey as they make their house their home!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!
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