For my ladies on the 24 Day Challenge!

For those of you who are loyal readers and friends, thank you! I have been taking a tiny vacay from the blog. This week was my Spring Break and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have done much better on this break following a schedule. I haven't stayed up until 1 am and haven't slept in past 8:30...maybe one morning. This has caused me to be very productive!

*I have done a total of 4 shoots - one of which was a wedding! A beautiful wedding!
*I have helped Mom with some more sewing classes!
*I have enjoyed lunch with friends!
*I am on Day 12 of my 24 Day Challenge and am feeling great!

This post is of course, read title, all about my challenge!

My friend, Julie, got started on Advocare about 6 months ago. I thought she was crazy and taking a diet pill. We all know they are not the way to go. Well, after doing quite a bit of research, it was revealed to me that they were NOT diet pills. In fact, they are high quality vitamins and supplements!

I have been working out, lifting weights and a bit of cardio, along with eating clean and have seen some positive results for sure. I had lost 5 lbs since November. However, I was looking for even more results and wasn't taking a steady stream of quality vitamins. The BOGO at Publix wasn't cutting it, and I wasn't being religious about it. So, I decided to take the 24 Day Challenge and get my competitive side going: me vs. myself!

I am happy to say that halfway through the Challenge I have lost an additional 5+ lbs and a couple of inches. That said I feel FANTASTIC! I have a new energy and passion for exercise and becoming a healthier version of myself. I had no plans to sell it, and didn't even know about the business side of the company until I started taking the cleanse and vitamins. It's an awesome one, and I wanted a way to share with my friends. In just a week I have had 6 others join me in this Challenge and they will begin soon!

I wanted to write this post for you all that are taking on a healthier life!

Here are some things to do:
*Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to eat since you will need something about every 3 hours.

*Pack your cooler/lunch bag/friends with your meals

*Be active


*Drink plenty of water - try a gallon a day to flush those toxins out and to aid in fat loss!

*Throw out and stay away from food with SUGAR - it's like cocaine! Say no to DRUGS! SUGAR!

*Have an accountability partner. Nothing is better! I will be this for YOU, just ask!

Here are some options to eat on your Challenge or in general!

Breakfast: {within the first hour of waking up}
*A great smoothie, like this one, is a good choice on the go!
*Oatmeal with fruit (blueberries or strawberries are a good choice)
*Eggs (hardboiled or scrambled egg whites)

Snack: {between breakfast & lunch and again between lunch & dinner!}
*LOVE: Unsalted, 2 fat free Rice Cakes with 1 tbs Natural Peanut butter {check the ingredients - 2-3 ingredients are all you need}
*Veggies {carrots + hummus = yum}

*Protein: chicken, fish, pork {light meat}
*Complex Carbs: beans, brown rice, wild rice, nuts, oats, quinoa, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, and more.
*Salad or green veggies. I eat a spinach salad every day and use an olive oil and vinegar dressing with oregano that I make.

Snack: {same choices as above} and a SPARK if you want some energy for the afternoon lull!


After dinner snack:
*Try to avoid fruit since it has a bit of sugar, but if you need something sweet freeze a serving of fruit and pull it out to fight your sugar craving!
*I love Luna Protein Bars. Here is one of my favorites!
*These are another option for your sweet tooth - Jamie Eason's Chocolate Protein Bars. Click here for the recipe!

Some of my very favorite recipes are found HERE:
*He & She Eat Clean - try the salsa chicken! It's a great one to pack and have for lunch or dinner. My friend, Whitney, her hubby, and her cousins have created this blog that is a fantastic source of motivation and a great resource. Way to go Whit!

*Chicken or Turkey Burgers are awesome! All you do is buy 1.5 lbs of ground turkey/chicken, mix it with a shredded medium zucchini, black pepper, and garlic powder. I love these with a side of brown rice and a large salad! Here's an alternate recipe by Jamie Eason! Jamie Eason's LiveFit Recipes: Italian Turkey Burgers

*Tosca Reno is famous for her Eat-Clean Diet books. Check out her recipes here!

You ladies who are starting this week: Get ready to change your body and love life even more! :) I am sooo proud of you!

To those of you thinking about it: DO IT! I wish I would have started 8 months ago!

Source: via Van on Pinterest

To those of you who have done it: Leave some inspiring words for those that are beginning!

Let's do this!! Let me know if you are ready to start, and I can lead you to the right place! You can learn more about what the challenge is by watching this quick video!

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