May, You really know how to disappear!

The month of May has been a whirlwind of life! I was looking forward to May and then it literally slipped through my fingers. I am praying that summer is a bit slower, so I can unwind a bit! 

May started off with a great sewing class. I learned how to make some cute pot holders along with some pretty suh-weet hand towels! I love the bright colors! I think I need a "beach" room. Maybe that can be added soon!
Mother's Day was celebrated at a new local restaurant called Ploughman's Pub. It was delicious and full of smiles and laughter! 

I definitely have the BEST mom hands down! I am beyond grateful for her! 

I also continued on my AdvoCare products and continue to see incredible results! Ryan finished up his challenge down 10 lbs and over 10 inches! I am so proud of him. Dad finished his challenge on the 24th and lost 16 lbs and over 8 inches! Words can't explain how much I love what these products have done for people that I love. The picture above has a wonderful group of ladies that have collectively lost over 60+ pounds! AWESOME!

May 18th was the last day of school with my sweet 5th graders. It's a bit tough being a 5th grade teacher. You hear about the students you may get and then you only have them for a year. Whereas teachers that teach younger grades get to see their past students for a year or more before sending them to middle school. I feel like when they leave my room I will never see them again. This has been true for most of my students, but I LOVE when I am at a school sporting event, graduation, or even shopping and I see one of my sweet babies. I know they are no longer babies, and many times they are taller than me but they will always be my fantastic 5th graders! 

Miss Hailey graduated on Friday night as well. It was so awesome to see my brother so proud. The sky is the limit for her!! Congrats sweet Hailey! 

 May was also full of weddings - 5 to be exact. They were all dear family and friends, so it was very special to take pictures for them and be a guest at the last one.

Danielle helped out with one! Love it when we get to do that! :) 

 One of the wedding included a weekend trip to St. Simons Island to celebrate Nat and Will. Beautiful. I will be doing a blog post on it soon! We had a great time even though a tropical storm by the name of Beryl was rolling in. While it was a bit windy with occasional showers, the days were still pretty and full of GA sun. Sunday night was a loud one with the storm making it's way on the island. The power even went out during dinner at Crabdaddy's! 

 We did run into an older version of Snooki and JWoww for all of you J.S. fans! Ryan is the one that discovered we were among celebrities! Yet another reason I love him! :)

 Here's what we awoke to!

This was me yesterday before getting my 2nd cavity filled! UGH!!! It wasn't bad at all, super tiny but a cavity none the less. To bare with the nasty feeling of being numb on the bottom half of my mouth I took a quick trip to Target. I am pretty sure at one point drool was going down my puffed-up-feeling face. Oh well, I got some good deals!

Two more days of May left, and the 31st is super important to me. 23 years ago my baby sister was born with sweet red hair and huge brown eyes! I love her even more than I did then!

Happy May! :)

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