What do you have to lose? Everything!!

So, remember that little 24 Day Challenge? It has paid off...all $185 of it! I am a BELIEVER of what Advocare can do for anyone

I was at a bit of a plateau after working hard since October. I started out at 134 in October, was down to 132 at Christmas and then I ate... enjoyed my Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. I felt good about my muscle, but still had a nice tube around my mid-section. It may not have been a tube to others, but it just felt miserable. Then, in January I started truly eating clean. Whitney has been so much of my inspiration over at He and She Eat Clean

At the end of March I was standing pretty at 129.5. I felt much better. The difference was a welcome change. I felt better while wearing my clothes, but I wanted to fit back in my pants from college! Specifically, I wanted to wear my pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that I paid a pretty penny for. 

I began the cleanse on March 26th. I have NEVER felt better. I truly don't know how else to say this! I just can't explain what the right vitamins in your body feel like. It's like you have a great day every day

At the end of the cleanse (first 10 days), I lost 5 lbs. and a couple of inches!  I was pretty pumped when it stopped at 124.5!!! I will take that I thought, and was ready to start the next 14 days. All the while, I was putting on jeans/pants that I hadn't even considered wearing because I knew it would feel terrible. When I would slip each pair on, I would think what if they don't fit! I would quickly dismiss that thought because sliding them on was like going shopping for free!

I was also hearing great stories from Mom, my sister, my aunt, and others! I would get calls with friendly, excited, and energetic voices on the other line! I would get video messages, pictures, and texts! I live and breathe hearing about all of the successes from these supplements. 

On Day 24, I was so excited that I began this journey with big hopes and dreams. I can tell you that my expectations were nothing compared to what happened! My energy was up. My family could tell! My pants were hanging off of me. Friends were seeing a difference in their life! I saw an opportunity for others and myself: health and financial wellness. The scale helped me confirm what I felt! It now read 122.5! Holy cow! I hadn't see that number since I was a new teacher five years ago. I guess it's safe to say that all of those "snacks" in the workroom and being happily married does lead to a bigger size! 

Now, a month and 4 days after staying on Advocare products, I am down to 121.5. Here's a picture of my Gap, size 4, capris that fit really well last year with no extra room: 

{Excuse Miss Lyla relaxing on the cool tile floor! It's 90* here in GA!} 

What are you waiting for? Join me now! Lose that extra bit hanging around. It's not welcome there anymore! Get rid of that blah feeling. Feel refreshed every morning! GET EXCITED ABOUT ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES! 
If you have questions, email me at msvannus @ yahoo DOT com. You can also begin the challenge HERE! 

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