Thanks to Danielle, over at Butler, Party of 2, I was given a Blogger Award! Thanks girl! 

Here we go…

 1. What is your current beauty obsession? 
Hmmm! It hasn't changed in a while, but I can never stop using my Bare Minerals! I love them. It's easy to drop some major cash down when I go in the store because it is the BEST! I absolutely LOVE that they put SPF in it. That along with my moisturizer makes me feel that much safer during the day! 

 2. What is one beauty item you wish you owned? 

I have no clue! I feel like I have everything that I really NEED. I guess if I could get anything though it would be one of those double barrel curling irons to create the spirals that I love! Hmmm...hard one! 

 3. What kind of posts are you favorite to read and write? 

I love reading home decor and house tour posts! People are so creative. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from those! 

I love writing vacation posts and posts with a lot of pictures. I am very visual which is why I like the home ones, too. It shows you, instead of tells! Like that! 

4. What inspired you to become a blogger? 

When I got engaged, I wanted an easy way to document what was happening. My family and friends keep up with me a lot on my blog. It has been really neat to go back a couple of years and see where Ryan and I were and how we've grown! I also have a good friend that inspired me, Sara over at Mixon Mania, and I liked how connected with others that had similar interests she became! The blogging community is awesome! 

5. What color nail polish are you wearing right now? 

Nothing! But my nails are growing like crazy because of my awesome vitamins! The MNS Max 3 has lots of core nutrition in there including OmegaPlex! You can seriously tell a difference. I may be treating myself to a mani/pedi on Friday though...who knows! 

And now I get to choose 4 great ladies for the Laine Blogger Award! DRUMROLL PLEASE! 

Sara @ Mixon Mania

Danielle @ Holt's Hoopla

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