Caroline's Wedding Weekend!

Caroline and Thomas were married on Friday, July 6th! It was a beautiful day around the 90* mark! The wedding was inside of the lovely Gainesville Civic Center. 

I had my hair done by the wonderful Carrie along with my makeup! THE GIRL IS TALENTED! I do not lie! She can make you look like a MILLION bucks! I was speechless. Thank you Carrie!
I left the salon, picked up my mom, and headed to Gainesville! We ate lunch once we arrived to the room that the bridesmaids were using to get ready. Everyone was finishing up the last details on hair and makeup!

 Caroline requested a photo booth, and I told her that I had her taken care of! Mom and I set up my photography backdrop set and put the camera with the wireless remote control on the table in front. We used an Organic Bloom frame (I sell them through my photo business if you want to get some) and wrote the directions in chalk! It was precious. Caroline and Auntie Ann bought a whiteboard and dry erase markers for their guests to write messages to them and snap a picture. CUTE! Mom and I thought we should be first!

We hung out in the room while the guests arrived and enjoyed getting ready with the bride. She was stunning in every way and oh so happy. It was touching to watch my cousin on her big day! She has quality friends and we all love her so much! 

  Pictures of the bride and groom were taken, and then it was time for the entire wedding party! ShutterKiss did a great job capturing all of the details! It all went by so quick! Soon, it was time for the big moment! 

Caroline walked down the aisle just beautiful! Some things that I noticed while standing up there: a sleepy woman, my dad's goofball smile, my handsome husband, beautiful mom, sweet brother, Papa pushing Caroline's dress out of the way of the candle, Tommy & Carol figuring out how to pour the sand during the ceremony, Zach almost passing out from locking his knees, the ambulance that decided to make it's roaring siren appearance during the ceremony, AND MY SWEET COUSIN AND COUSIN-IN-LAW TYING THE KNOT AND LOVING IT! I was a giggle box along with the other girls. Good thing I was smiling or I would have been a sap! 
We celebrated by eating a great meal, dancing, spending time laughing and talking with family and friends, and enjoying some yummy cake made by one of Carol's sorority sisters. It was a wonderful evening complete with a glow-stick send off! How fun! 
Congrats Tommy and Carol! I am so happy for you two! I can't wait for you to multiply! I know how bad you would love kiddos! Can't wait to see what the future holds! Always remember LOVE & RESPECT for one another!

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