Carol's Bachelorette Soiree!

 {Me, Hannah, Erin, and BRIDE Caroline}

On Sunday, July 1st, we all headed out to celebrate Caroline's almost-married-but-not-quite-yet day! I was by far the OLDEST of them all making reality a bit hard to handle! Thankfully they all let the GRANNY (that's me) hang out with them! We enjoyed a great meal at Cheddar's! I am sure we were the loudest table in the restaurant, but our waiter was super cool about it and made Caroline's big night a success because of his kindness! Next, we enjoyed a chick flick and opening some presents at the house. While we were away Auntie Ann and some family came over to Caroline and Thomas' new house and decorated! We stayed up late talking and laughing! I know Caroline LOVED it! Good job to Hannah, the little sister, for planning a successful night with fun games and yummy treats!

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