I give all myself to YOU!

 Brit, from our Haiti team, sent out this incredible video. I let my team know that I may have this on REPEAT until Saturday at 3 am when we leave out! How powerful. Music is such a tool for God to speak to us through. It is such a blessing.
 Not too long ago, I found these cards. They are perfect for my trip. Leah, the designer, just got back from a mission trip. Check out her blog and shop here. They came in the mail today and I have been working on writing messages inside to my prayer warriors. Our team is going to be the hands and feet of our Lord, I know we will be taken care of, and I want the hearts of all involved to change and be used for God's purpose.
 I met with my sweet girl, Danielle, today and she prayed over me. We may have looked pretty awkward standing in the shopping center parking lot praying, but gosh it was one of the most powerful moments of my life. Tears were on and off as we discussed the power that this trip holds. She gave me this precious journal with the most amazing letter inside. God knows what He is doing when He puts friends together, doesn't he? This day has been priceless!

I am getting so many emotions about the trip. When I went to Mexico I was with my Daddy and didn't worry as much about leaving my family. This is the part that is my weakness. I am a worrier (aren't we all about something) so leaving behind Ryan, my family, and friends is my hard part. Malorie is due any day now and I don't want to miss sweet James. I told her to just keep him baking until I return. I think James heard me!
 STAY IN THERE JAMES! Aunt Dana needs to snap pics of your arrival!

Thank you for all of the prayers for our team and the country of Haiti. 

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