Change Isn't Easy...

There's a lot of change going on in me, through me, and around me! The thing I notice the most about change is people resist it. One of the hardest things for people is CHANGE!

While talking to people about starting a healthy lifestyle, excuses start to creep in to their mind. They start hearing "I can't". I hear my 5th graders say I can't regularly. I quickly let them realize what they are saying and tell them why it hurts us when we say I can't and ask them to say I CAN. We are setting ourselves up to stay comfortable and, at times, uncomfortable in our situation.

People are very interested in getting healthy, but it's hard to commit. 

I know! I was given the opportunity to begin using the wonderful nutritional supplements over a half a year before I finally decided to begin. I quickly thought of all of the excuses as to why I couldn't!

1. Money - you want me to pay what?
In this day and age so many are worried about having enough. I was in this boat. I thought that money could be used wisely somewhere else. Instead, I probably used that money on going out to eat, buying new clothes I don't need, or getting some unnecessary item I could have done without. How did that money wasted help me?
The jumpstart package AdvoCare has thrown together is about $7 a day at the highest without any discount. It includes core nutrition, a meal, and a replacement to sodas and coffee! Saving money while getting great results! I say yes!
2. Well, I have a busy life! 

 So do I! I don't stop until 11 pm (sometimes later)! I'm not complaining it's how I am! If I'm not busy, I am bored! I know there are tons of people like me that get up at the crack of dawn, helps others get ready and out the door for a new day, go to work or school, worry about what's going to be for supper, run errands or go to events, come home take care of all your responsibilities, and back at it all over again the next day! I completely get it! I watched my mom do it like a pro. Here's the thing- I bet she would have killed to get her hands on something like SPARK to give her energy like she feels now. She would stay up late helping us with our huge projects we would spring on her  the night before they were due. I'm sure she would have loved it when she and Daddy would get us up early to be on time for church and make us gourmet breakfasts, all after staying up late and waiting for us to pull in the driveway when we were teenagers!

That little drink of 45 calories ad 21 vitamins and minerals gives the clear focus you need to wake up and start your day right! Promise! Change to your morning and an afternoon with some solid energy!

3. I don't want to diet starve myself!

Good thing, because there is NO diet in the sense of starving yourself. Did you know if you skip meals your body goes into a quick starvation or hoarding mode where it starts saving up all of your food the next time you eat. Your body isn't sure when you are going to nourish it again, so it begins to hang on to anything it gets! Even if it's that next Little Debbie!

The meals I eat are the same ones our grandparents and great-grandparents would have eaten, hence the reason when you see those pictures from the olden days you notice a significant difference in their weight. They didn't have processed food with tons of salt, sugar, and preservatives. They didn't have Doritos, Mountain Dew, and a drive-thru they visited daily.

Eating foods that help your body run... help you! It's as simple as that. We wouldn't put canola oil in our gas tanks - it doesn't help our car. Why would we put products that our body can't use into our mouth?

Over the past 5 months and hearing success story after success story with fiends and family feeling better, dropping inches, dropping pounds I am sold that this is what we all need! We need healthy lifestyles that help us feel our best daily, and that means feeding our body every two to three hours. People say that it's expensive, and I say think again! There are too many ways out there to save on food. Plus, when you are eating healthy it will surprise you how great you feel, and bad foods are no longer a temptation so you can walk right by and ignore their scent! When you know what it feels like without them, you don't need it!

4. I have tried everything! 

That is what our friend Liza said a month ago, and now she is down over 6 lbs in 10 days! I bet she didn't believe this was going to work, but this system helps everyone start to see the change they are capable of! It's not counting calories, carbs, points. It is core nutrition using vitamins and great food and that gives us energy and results!

It's what I said! I was eating clean, exercising, and sitting at a plateau I never thought I could budge! WRONG! I hadn't tried quality vitamins! Read my STORY here!

Yes, change is hard, but oh so worth it!! You have to want it! If you are ready, take some time and message me about what this is all about and start the process. The only thing I regret is not starting this sooner!

PS - Thought I would share some change that's been happening in our house! This handsome Dossinator dropped 20+ after putting his mind to it and making a big change to feel better! 

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