It's HERE!

I kept meaning to do this post, and now that the master bath has been finished for awhile. . . it's time! 

Two years ago, we had gone with Jon and Danielle to the most perfect cottage in NC. We absolutely fell in love with the house. One room that I really loved and wanted to try to recreate it in a way that worked at our home was the bathroom! 

 {click on the picture for more images of the bathroom and master suite}

I loved it. I thought the neatest part was the mirror that was built into the wainscoting on the wall. What a unique touch! 

You may remember this spring, Greg, my amazingly talented brother, worked his tail off and recreated our version of the cottage's master bath. Check out that post here!

Dad came over this summer on a Saturday and worked hard to make it look absolutely perfect! 

Ryan added the finishing touches by hanging the towel hooks and loops back up! Now, it's ready to enjoy! 

Let us know what you think! 

I think all my guys did a great job! 

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