Last week, I posted my story that I shared with my small group. It's my testimony. I always thought that others had such powerful testimonies and mine . . . wasn't. God let me know I should think again. I have been on the top of His mountain and down in the lowest valley. Even though we may think we are all alone, God is there. He is guiding our paths and allowing us to choose. 

We are always welcome to come back. 

Music has always been very strong in my life. It is the way I worship Him the best. Songwriters take their time and write lyrics from their heart, yet they can impact so many countless others!

One song that sums up my walk with the Lord is You Never Let Go by Matt Redman. Even when we are not having an intimate relationship with our Savior, God is ALWAYS there! He never lets go. Patsy Clairmont talked about turning up our hearing aids this weekend. These hearing aids are on all of our ears, but some of us choose to be deaf to God's calling. He is sharing great things daily, and we just have to listen for His voice.

Check out this video! What is He saying to you?

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