It's never too late for fun!

As I get older, I think it's even more fun to get creative and dress up. CHECK OUT MY PAST HALLOWEEN POST HERE!  The only problem is...I am a procrastinator. Although, some of my very best work is in the last hour before something needs to be done. Anyone else like that?

When we were told that our small group Halloween party would be on Monday, I started coming up with ideas. Ryan would reply, "I don't want to be ________!" So back to the drawing board I would go.

Finally, I asked Mom and she came up with several. One that I knew we could do was Barbie and Ken! I simply needed boxes, pink spray paint, wrapping paper, and Ryan's neat-freak cutting to make it happen!

After school on Monday, I tried to collect any boxes that were ready for wasn't happening. That was too much work. The second option was a lifesaver! Our friend, Bobby, works at Home Depot and put some boxes to the side for us. I grabbed the rest of the supplies and flew home to start and complete the project in hopes it would work!


When Dossinator got home he was greeted by Lyla, myself, and a couple of giant pink boxes! He helped me by cutting the front of the boxes out. 

We dressed up in fancy Ken and Barbie fashion and headed to our annual small group Halloween celebration.

We carved pumpkins, took photos, ate good food, and laughed. 
This is what living is all about! 

How cute are everyone's costumes! They are so very creative! 

Happy Fall Y'all! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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