Our 3 Year Celebration

We have been newlyweds for 3 years now! We knew we were going to do something to celebrate, but we weren't sure when. Ryan totally surprised me and took control of the planning! The past two anniversaries we have headed north and headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway into the hills of TN, but this year he was ready for something new.

Buckhead is not far from where we live, and we rarely take advantage of this cool city! On Saturday afternoon we headed down. We started with a quick lunch at Cracker Barrel! HOLY COW! We started off right. The next time you are in you have to try their Wholesome Mornin' Sampler - yogurt, granola, scrambled egg whites, and turkey sausage! YUM! 

After our great meal, we headed to Ikea! Ryan hadn't even been and I had only been once or twice. It's an experience for sure! He loved it. I told him we'd probably need a cart, and he disagreed like we weren't going to buy anything! YEAH RIGHT! I ran back to the front to grab their big yellow bags and thank goodness I did. We picked up some great organizational tools, duvet, and some other odds and ends. He loved it, and he woke up this morning saying he could go back!  

{ Taking it all in! }

 {Finally checking out!}
{What a fun time so far!}
He planned for us to stay in Buckhead at the W! What an amazing property. You feel like you walk into a glamorous scene straight out of the movies as soon as you pull up. The whole atmosphere changes the way you feel. BEAUTIFUL and DETAILED for sure.



  Our room was called Fabulous, and that it was! How precious. I loved how everything had a unique touch. The wallpaper, the tv mounted in between two mirrors, the lighting. It was all very cool.

After getting freshened up for dinner, we headed to the rooftop for some good views! Whiskey Blue was 13 stories up and gave a great view of the city.

Ryan made reservations for us at Maggiano's. Neither of us had ever been there and absolutely loved it! I ate mushroom ravioli (LOVE) and Ryan had Lobster Carbonara. Our favorite part was the zucchini appetizer. It was delicous.


After dinner, we walked around. It was a bit breezy, but relaxing to walk around downtown. We stopped in a couple of places, but decided on Dante's. If you've never been...grab your sweetie and go. It was only my 2nd time, but Ryan hadn't been before. We decided to sit in the ship and listen to the live jazz, had dessert, and enjoyed each others company. This was probably my favorite part of the evening.  I am so in love with Ryan. He is my soul mate for sure. I love where we are right now in life. He planned a great evening.
 After listening to jazz, we went back up to the rooftop of the W, to enjoy some people watching, chatting, and celebrating. 
We called it a night and got some rest in before Sunday!

When we woke up (early - an hour before the alarm went off), we got ready to head to breakfast and church.

 {Ryan's "quit-taking-pictures-of-me" face}

We checked out, grabbed our car, and headed to breakfast at The Flying Biscuit. We weren't super impressed, but it was hard to be wowed when we had Maggiano's and Dante's the night before. All the while we were eating, we were praying we weren't being towed. We talked each other into parking in a 15 minute spot. I got a bit paranoid when we saw the security guard get up from his post and head towards our car around the corner. When we headed toward the car, thank God, he was just picking up breakfast!

Buckhead Church (a sister church of our very own Athens Church) was right near our hotel, so that's where we ended our anniversary celebration. We praised God for what He has done in our life. We are so very thankful to have one another. Happy Anniversary Dossinator! I love you! 

Another anniversary down, 100 more to go!
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