I am beyond blessed with amazing friends! I don't say this lightly.

I know that there are "friends" that are acquaintances, those you have for a season, reason, and those that you can always count on and they count on you.

Then, there are those that love you at your best and those you cry with at your very worst.

I am blessed with several! One of them helped make my day shine! I am so grateful for Colleen! She and I co-teach together. We have had the very best time pushing our students to grow and supporting one another!

Today she set up fake meeting with our principal, API, and gifted teacher! I thought I was just super popular with all of them, but come to find out I had something waiting for me!

When I made my way down to the classroom this was waiting for me!


A whole party had been planned for nearly a week! How exciting! The kids kept a secret and enjoyed bringing in goodies, presents, and sweet homemade cards!

Colleen brought some sunshine to my 28th birthday! I appreciate her so very much!

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