Christmas Blessings!

This Christmas began a bit early for Ryan and I. December 5th was a day we will remember.

 I had a little inkling that I may be expecting, so I picked up a couple of tests at Kroger. I completely buried them among the very few items in my cart. Sidenote: Stuff like that is so embarrassing to me. I am 28, married, and it's only a matter of time until we have kiddos, but something about that is so strange. 

On with the story; I came home and put away the groceries and took the test. Immediately it revealed what my hope had been. POSITIVE! WHAT! I immediately began thinking what if the test is wrong. I chugged some water, so I could test one more time before Ryan got home. Took the second one and it was POSITIVE again. What an amazing feeling after praying for this sweet baby.

 So, now I had to find a way to surprise the Dossinator on the fly. I was almost finished addressing Christmas cards and an idea came to me. I wrote on one of our cards: Love, Ryan, Dana, and Lyla AND BABY DOSS! Stuffed the card in an envelope and addressed it from 143 Heavens Gate, Lovejoy, GA (aren't I cute and lame all at the same time).

 Here's what happened . . . KEEP IN MIND HE HAS NO IDEA I AM RECORDING! 

**Baby Doss, you are 8.5 weeks old and we can't wait to hold you in our arms!**

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