Having a Merry Christmas!

So, for Christmas all we really wanted was to share the NEWS with our families. It's hard to hold great secrets in. We decided to give them a present to surprise them! I snapped a pic of Ryan and I.

It says: "Photo paper...$5, ink for printer...$45, the look on your face when you realize there are 3 of us...PRICELESS! 

Ryan and I looked at lots of ideas, but we both agreed this one was it! 

So, it's Christmas morning and we head to my parents first. We were done with all of the presents and it was time to get the one present "we must have left in the car". It was at this point that Ryan was supposed to go get it, but I needed some fresh air...I was so nervous! I high-tailed it outside, grabbed the "forgotten present", and brought it in to Daddy. 

PRICELESS was the word! We gave hugs and Erin claimed she knew! Dad was dying to tell everyone. Mom was grinning from ear to ear. Greg was at peace...he'd been begging to be an uncle longer than Dad wanted to be a Grandpa...well maybe! 

We were off to Christmas at the Doss family's house! 
 I pinned the pic to the back of a pillow I made for Mr. Gene and Mrs. Shelia. 

Here's what happened: 

We were pretty excited, but it's safe to say that our families are EQUALLY excited!!  We love when Ryan's daddy starts saying "Oh No!"!! It is absolutely hilarious and gets us laughing each time!

Baby Doss may be a bit spoiled!! That's ok with us. You will be loved and know that you are loved!
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