In 6 days something huge happened!

I headed back for my "official" appointment on Wednesday! Last week's was to make sure the baby was ok since I had the flu and ran fevers!

Well, God is good! Since Ryan took off last week, my sissy got to spend the afternoon with me and see the baby on the big screen!

We immediately heard the heartbeat- 182 bpm - and then watched as our little olive started kicking, waving, and doing a couple of moves that looked like hiccups!

Tears started streaming out of our eyes! How precious! In just 6 days the sweet baby had grown little arm and leg buds, I saw eyes, and a more defined nose!

What a great day! I loved sharing it with Erin! After the doctor's we enjoyed Olive Garden salad and shopping at Ulta! This mama needed some new makeup since I have gotten a tad pale this winter!

Check out our before (left pic) and after (right)!

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