Highlights: Week 9

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 9 weeks today! 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: maybe gained 1 lb. Hard to say...fluctuates right now. 
Maternity Clothes: Nope. Still wearing my regular clothes! Although about 2 days ago, this little tummy has a bump it didn't have...it's one you can't get rid of by sucking in. Ryan sees it too. I made him check it out, so I didn't feel so crazy when I saw it. 
Sleep: Doing well...but I could sleep ALL of the time. I do have one SPARK a day. I drink it in the morning, but by 3 pm...I need a NAP. I am not a napper, so this is definitely not something I have been excited about. I have too much to do to nap! :) 
Best Moment this week: We went ahead and shared the news about Baby Doss. I was going to wait until the recommended 12-14 weeks, but when we went to our ultrasound (because of my flu/fever) the doc said the baby looks awesome! He said my risk of losing the baby is less than 3%. Here's to trusting you Doc! Sharing with our friends and more of our family has been a blessing. I love being able to celebrate with all of the other mommies! 
Gender: We don't know, but my Daddy and Ryno think it's a boy. I am feeling girl. We shall see. My dad reminds me that he is very good about making these guesses. Glad you have a 50-50 shot, Daddy! 
Movement: not yet! Got a bit of time before the flutters...then kicks! 
Food Cravings: YES! So, at first it was anything carbs. Now my cravings have progressed to Subway. GROSS! I am not allowed to have processed meat, I hate how I smell when I walk out of a Subway, but something about that sign on the drive home from work makes me want to stop. NOTGONNAHAPPEN! Pickles make this girl happy. Is 4 a night a bad thing? 
Food Aversions: Getting better, but grilled chicken (my favorite go-to meat) is not my favorite right now. It has to be covered up in spaghetti sauce or vinaigrette dressing. I really haven't been keen on the taste or smell of onions either. 
How’s Mama? I am doing great! Especially having the yucky flu behind me. I started back to school today after having a wonderful break. I didn't realize just how much I missed the class until I saw their faces this morning! 
What I am looking forward to: I can't wait to know whether baby Doss is a boy or a girl. I am pinning like crazy. It will help me narrow all of my ideas down! 
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Sweet baby is a green olive! I go in on Wednesday for another ultrasound and to hear the heartbeat again! Can't wait! 
What Baby Doss is up to: Baby doss is getting all of those muscles working! Your nose and your sweet face is forming. How cool is that? Your little arms were starting to form last week! You're growing super fast! Stay strong and keep up this hard work! 


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