Retreat 2013

 So, one of our very favorite parts of our church is the way we do groups. Instead of traditional Sunday School, you sign up to be placed into a group of people that are in your same stage of life. Ryan and I love being able to connect with people and grow closer in our walk with God because of it. We have been blessed to have another amazing group! 

This weekend we drove up to the North Georgia mountains and had our annual retreat. It is a time that I look forward to each year. 

We headed up on Friday evening, swung by and picked up Dossinator from work, and then ate at El Maguey for supper. Adam and Kristen were great navigators, especially when we turned in the correct lane of traffic (right Kristen)! We were all at dinner except Kati and Matt. Kati had a long two days before making her way to the cabin. She brought some of her high school students on an awesome field trip to NC. What a fabulous teacher!

We made it to the cabin around 10 and LOVED it! Kati and Matt were there right behind us. Will played a joke on them and told them the bedroom with the trundle was theirs. Their faces were priceless! Finally, the joke was dropped with a relieved Kati and Matt.  We all explored the cabin and picked out rooms! Will did a great job finding this little gem. The basement was loaded with games...pinball, video games, Wii, pool table, hot tub, and so much more. We were all in heaven.
Once we got settled in, the games began! The girls stayed up stairs and played Balderdash, while the boys had an intense game of poker (til around 5 am). They are dedicated to the game, especially with their Monopoly money! 

After getting some much needed rest, Danielle made us a yummy breakfast casserole. We all slowly arrived in the kitchen and devoured all of it. She is an excellent baker for sure! 

Not long after that, yep, game time again! This time we started with Mad Gab. It was hilarious to me, especially when Kristen, Kati, and Matt kept saying, "gray teb alls fov ire". This translated to "great balls of fire", but they couldn't hear themselves saying it. They sounded like French people to us! 

Lunch was served, and we enjoyed eating it on the deck. Winter weather was nowhere to be found. Pretty skies and 68* was our Saturday. Jenga was busted out and another annual competition was held. YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE PICS HERE! Will's turn caused the 30 and 2/3 blocks tall tower to fall. It had to be somebody. Great job guys!

The boys ran to grab some firewood, and this was our chance to decorate for Adam's birthday. He turned 26 while we were on the retreat. I am always impressed by what ladies can do with so little time! CREATIVE, I tell ya! 

Some more games went down, and dinner was served! Kati and Matt made an awesome Italian dinner, and we enjoyed birthday cake. Miss USA came on, more poker was played, hot tub fun, and girl talk was had! 

The next morning we awoke to cleaning and straightening up the cabin! We munched on some more breakfast casserole and said our goodbyes. Thanks to Kati and Matt who drove us back to Ryan's work.
{Danielle & Matt}
{Kati & Matt}
{Kristen & Adam}
{Lauren & Will}

What a blessing this weekend was. My 10-week prego self had some trouble keeping my eyes opened at time, but it was just what I needed: precious time with sweet life friends. 

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