16 weeks!

This post is a day late...but better late than never ... RIGHT?

How Far Along: 16 weeks and 1 day today!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6.5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I need some! I have a good bit for summer thanks to some sweet friends, but work is getting a bit crazy. Today, some of my students thought that my belly button was poking out...nope, just my pants that aren't buttoned! haha!

Sleep: Still doing ok! No crazy dreams, but I can feel my back hurting a TINY bit from not being able to lay on my tummy or back.

Memorable Moment this week: A little more than a week ago we found out that my Grandma Patty has stage 4 cancer. I found out by my sister, Erin, when I was walking through the airport. Ugh, feels a bit like your whole world crashes in. It was a blessing to have last Monday off of work. Erin and I rode up to visit her. Wow, the sweet time that we spent with her was such a blessing to us. You think you are going to comfort her, but then she comforts you. How does that happen? Last week our baby boy had a little bit of hearing coming into play with the bones in his ears getting in place! How cool to think one of the first things he heard was Grandma's voice! God has a plan way BIGGER than ours!
        The family drove up again on Sunday. Grandma joked as I walked in by asking me, "whose tummy is bigger". Mine is smaller than hers unfortunately. Her liver keeps swelling up. So blessed that she has a sense of humor! Within 5 minutes I was crying though because she also said that it looked like she'd be seeing her first great-grandbaby before me. Oh, how the tears flowed. I know she will get to watch from the front row. We scanned all of our ultrasound pictures and gave Grandma a copy, so she could sweet him. Love you Grandma Patty!

Gender: BOY!!! He is so precious! I love calling him a HE! MIRACLE.

Food Cravings: HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY...japanese food...HEALTHY. I am totally to blame for my craving of an excellent Japenese restaurant around town. I had my 5th graders write a persuasive essay on their favorite restaurant and WHY I should go there. What kind of pregnant woman punishes herself like this! Inoko's won and Sunday afternoon we drove straight from the mountains to Inoko's. Ryan didn't argue with me...the food is GOOD! Other than that, healthy for sure! Lots of fruit and veggies!

Food Aversions: Had my first grilled chicken sandwich in a while! It was good! THANK GOD! Still not trying a piece alone for a bit...the thought of it grosses me out!

How’s Mama? Doing good! This weather needs to get with it though. It makes me want to come home, put on pjs, and go to BED!

Favorite MOMENT: KICK!! More like a flutter, but it's happened daily since Thursday! It feels like a gigantic butterfly and runs up to tickle my throat. I LOVE IT! Keep kicking sweet boy!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Our sweet boy is the size of an avocado!
  • He's listening to our voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in his ears.
  • He's growing hair, lashes and eyebrows.
  • And he's forming taste buds.

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