Week 14 and a half!!

This post is a tad bit late! I'm flying on my way to my second Success School and it's Baby Doss' first flight...we think! (Could have been one in November!)

I am now 14 weeks and 3 days along!

Highlights: Week 14

How Far Along: 14 weeks and 3 days today!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Not fully yet! Still loving my Belly Band and maternity leggings! I seriously think they should make clothing for regular non-pregos, so when they head to dinner...Mexican restaurants especially... they can breathe! It feels like I am just really full all of the time!

Sleep: I'm starting to wake up and worry if I was sleeping on my back. I am a tummy and side sleeper in general, so I am dying to sleep on my stomach. I have come up with a maneuver that will work for a couple of more weeks.

Best Moment this week: I had a blast with my sis on Sunday. We ran some errands and got last minute things for TX! I am having a tiny reveal party for our parents on Monday, so of course I had to pick up some goodies!

Gender: 4 MORE Days! Any thoughts?

Food Cravings: Pickles! Pickles! More Pickles. Still pickles! I went ahead and got the concession stand size! Ryan just laughed when he saw it! I am still enjoying my fruit smoothies and veggies! Love the sugar snaps, carrots, and cherry tomatoes! Yum!!

Food Aversions: grilled chicken and onions. There was a spice in something I ate on Sunday, and it did not taste appetizing at all! Who knows what it was though...helps a lot right?

How’s Mama? Doing good! I have a bit more energy, but hoping it sticks with me over this jam-packed weekend!

What I am looking forward to: This weekend in TX and a break from work and Monday when we head to the dr to find out boy or girl.

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Our sweet baby is the size of a lemon!!

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